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E-mail indirizzata alla prof.ssa Ina Shengjergji da CONNOR COLIN DICKSON, animatore del Laboratorio in lingua inglese, tenutosi a scuola il 19 febbraio 2014.

Al laboratorio hanno partecipato tutte e tre le classi di prima secondaria.


Ciao Ina,

I am sorry for my late reply, but wifi has become a bit of a commodity on this leg of tour.
Here is my report on my experience with your students:

Around a month ago I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop at Don Bosco.
I have been working with ACLE and facilitating workshops for three years now and the media students I worked with had some of the highest English levels I have seen in Italy.
I can say this without a doubt because I was facilitating a workshop in Improvisation.
Improvisation is a difficult activity even if you participate in your own language. I could not imagine how difficult it would be for me, a seasoned improvisor, to have someone come into my classroom and play Improvisational games in another language!
The students at Don Bosco navigated their way through all of my activities with aplomb.
They were all willing to participate and created interesting and clever scenarios.

I facilitate this workshop at least three times every week and I begin to anticipate the students responses in the games I play. This standardization of response is functional, but there is something missing from such a  static interaction. The students at Don Bosco, however, were able to be spontaneous and creative with the English language at a level that I have yet to see again, even at a Superiore level.
I was delighted and surprised by the responses composed by the students. It filled me with joy to see the students actually play and be artistic with something so difficult as the English language.

I do believe all of this is to the credit of the dedicated staff at Don Bosco for enhancing the students comprehension and love of the English Language.

I hope this email can adequately express my thanks to all of the students for their hard work and the the teaching staff for allowing me the pleasure of working with their students.

With All Due Respect,

Colin D. Connor